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We supply FRP/GRP grating non slip flooring constructed from fibreglass, as an ideal and cost effective alternative to traditional grating materials like wood, mild steel and stainless steel. Our fibreglass grating is exceptionally slip resistant and the gritted and concave anti-slip grating offers excellent traction in wet and icy conditions.

GRP Grating Systems fibreglass grating can also be supplied in various resin finishes to allow for many and varied applications such as offshore where fire resistance and low smoke are critical or environments where highly corrosive chemicals are present.
We have massive stock of all moulded and pultruded grating thicknesses, mesh sizes, panel sizes, structural shapes, ladders, handrailing, tactiles and solid top products.

Our main


We like to think of ourselves as a unique one stop shop facility offering customers outstanding service and quality products. We now offer the following.

  • Full in house supporting steelwork design and fabrication.
  • Full in house GRP Grating and walkway design and fabrication.
  • Design, drafting and detailing services.
  • On site installation, assembly and erection services.
  • Project Management and support.

We provide quality grating products and solutions for the following

  • Staircases & Steps
  • Fire Escapes
  • Footbridges
  • Walkways
  • Gantries & Platforms
  • Ramps
  • Pontoons
  • Loading Bays
  • Corridors
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Duct & Drain Covers
  • Pit Covers
  • Cable Trough Covers
  • Wash Racks
  • Raised Walkways
  • Raised Platforms
  • Gantries
  • Tower Pack Supports
  • Battery Racks
  • Footbridges
  • Roof Catwalks
  • Bund Flooring
  • Decking