Ductile Iron Gratings & Manhole Covers

Emerald Steel Industries Offers a wide range of Ductile Grating, Man Hole Coversand related products.All the grating prodcuts in this category are best in Price & effective Cost in the UAE & Middle east market. Different types of Ductile Iron Gratings & Manhole Covers we manufacture and Supply from our Unit in Ajman, UAE are as follows

Ductile Iron Manhole Gratings & Manhole Covers

A wide range of Linear Gratings are used for drainage of storm water and comes with different shapes such as Full Floor (Square), Full Floor (Rectangular), Round.

Manhole Grating Supplier in UAE

We have wide range of Manhole Gratings and as a manufacturer of Man hole gratings in UAE we are supplier of F900 Manhole gratings,E400 Manhole gratings,E600 Manhole gratings in UAE

Ductile Iron Leak Proof Manhole Grating Covers

Emerald Steel Manufacture ductile iron leak proof man hole covers as per the custom needs and specifications.This product comes with a wide gamut of Circular Manhole Cover.

Recessed Manhole Grating Covers

This product is simple to fit and provide an aesthetically pleasing solution to replace any obtrusive. This can be used as drain covers in your lawn, garden, sports pitch, turf etc.

Ductile Iron Pipes & Fittings

Ductile iron pipe is pipe made of ductile cast iron commonly used for potable water transmission and distribution.

Ductile Iron Manhole Grating cover Suppliers in UAE

Different types of Ductile Iron Manhole Covers we manufacture and supply as follows

  • Square and Rectangle manhole cover set
  • Round manhole cover set
  • Parking area manhole cover

Ductile Iron Brackets

  • Wall hung bracket
  • Oval bracket
  • Chair bracket-Light duty/Heavy duty
  • Cascade(WC)-Light duty/Medium duty/Heavy duty
  • Cascade Adjustable-Light duty/Heavy duty
  • Cascade cantilever
  • Large urinal bracket(3pcs)
  • Large urinal bracket(2pcs)
  • Sink bracket
  • T-type bracket-10”/12”/15”

Ductile Iron Man Hole

Ductile Iron Man Hole

Step Iron grating

Step Iron grating

Ductile Iron Grating

Ductile Iron Grating