Emerald Steel Industries LLC are the manufacturers and suppliers of Aluminium Gratings in UAE and offers extremely light weight and high in strength & overall cost effective.


  • Solar Rooftop
  • Off-shore Rigs
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Sewerage treatment Plants
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Marine Environments.

Aluminium Platform Gratings Supplier in UAE

Aluminium Platform Gratings or Aluminium Deck Type Gratings are suitable for sewage treatment plants and offshore oil platforms.

Aluminium Walkway Grating System

As a supplier of Aluminium Walkway System and is designed specially for Rooftop Solar Power Plants.


We manufacture and export Aluminium alloy Access Covers of various sizes for valve chambers of sewage treatment and desalination plants.

Aluminium Alloy Gratings

Aluminium Alloy Gratings have a major advantage of weight. It is very light weight and has high aesthetic appeal.

Aluminium Catwalk Gratings

Catwalk gratings is our specially designed product for safety line for high rise building provided for cleaning and maintenance of glass facade at every floor level.